Psychic Medium Readings

Cheryl has been a psychic since birth. She is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and a medium. She works with many methods to access your readings, from the ancient methods of reading playing cards (her roots in this Eastern European tradition serve her well), to numerology, and also Destiny Cards.

Cheryl has also been instrumental in healing and communicating with her client's animals. Over the past few years she has many loyal clients who have trusted her ability to communicate with their animals, and also do healing on their animals.  Cheryl's animal healings have been highly instrumental in speeding up and improving the recovery of animals just after surgery.

“I love helping people, it is my Mission to be in contact with as many people as I can who need to have hope in their lives!” ~ Cheryl

Psychic Medium Readings

A Gifted Reiki Master

Cheryl has been a Reiki Practitioner for 20 + years in Orange County, CA.  Reiki is a form of energy healing. She was practicing Reiki before anyone even heard of Reiki.  One hour on her Reiki table and she will make you feel like you have been in a spa all day long! She was born with this gift and wants to share it with the world!

She performs her treatments at her spa room in Tustin, CA. Cheryl is also available for "healings" via the phone.

Miss Domino's joy is helping people have a happy fulfilling life.   The healing is room is so peaceful and tranquil.  You can't help but to enjoy experiencing this energy, frequency healing.

"I feel like I have been at a spa all day, wow, what an experience!" Susan, Client

          $125 an hour

Healing Facial Sessions in Tustin, CA

 Cheryl has been a practicing Esthetician for 14 years in the city of Tustin.

It's a true pleasure and a joy to Cheryl to help her clients improve their skin.  Her specialty is chemical peels, microdermabrasion and fleece masks. The most common problem with skin in the sunny zones (like California!) is "brown spots" from too much exposure to the sun. Within 3 treatments you will see a significant change in the overall color and texture of your skin. It is very exciting to see those "dark spots" disappear!  

As an intuitive and a healer, your skin "talks to Cheryl" and tells her just what it needs to look and feel better. Your skin will be replenished and rejuvenated! 

Please call and make an appointment for a "new you".

Prices range from $80 to $200

House Clearing

Cheryl has been clearing homes and businesses of negativity and low vibrations for 20+ years.  If you feel something is "odd" or "different" in certain places of your residence or business, be reassured that your "hunch" is correct.   Are your children afraid to go to bed because something in  the closet scares them?  Do you hear noises or voices at different hours of the day?  Is the office lounge storage room feel dark and scary?  Call Cheryl Domino, "House Cleaner" to the rescue!

 She is able to see and feel negativity over the phone and will let you know if there is a need for a medium/healer like herself to come in and "CLEAN"  the negativity out of your environment. When your house and business is clean, not only will you sleep better, but more money will be made and the happier everyone will be!

Prices starting at $300 for a house under 2,000 sq. ft.  It goes up from there.  You would have to call Cheryl for a consultation to obtain exact pricing. She has references for this kind of work and looks forward to hearing from you!