Read what clients are saying about their experiences with Cheryl!

"I have been working with Cheryl for the past 12 years and she has been wonderful. From helping me to release Karma (affecting my career and my family), to getting over the death of my mother.    Over the years she has given me many readings.  She told me I would be moving in 3 months before I ever knew I would be moving, helped with situations in my jobs, with difficult family members and also travel situations. All have been accurate and assisted me in making decisions.  She's my go to person."  ~ C.K., Laguna Hills, CA

"My father had come to see Cheryl for a Reiki treatment. She informed him that there was something wrong with his heart. The next day his cardiologist informed him that he was going to have a triple bypass. That health reading saved his life! I will be forever grateful!"   ~ G.E., Brea, CA

"I met Cheryl at a Feng Shui class in Anaheim.  I have been working with Cheryl for over 10 years.  Cheryl helped me reconcile with my daughter - who had not talked to me in over 6 years. Cheryl’s accuracy rate is amazing.  She has given me some amazing readings on my boyfriend.  I've truly enjoyed having her to help me figure my life out!"                ~ E.P., Corona, CA

"It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience.  In other words, I give working with Cheryl a 9 out of 10."